Take care of your mental wellbeing as a busy parent with Pareful.

Discover the power of AI-enabled digital health and access proven methods of cognitive behavioural therapy, meditation, and visualisations tailored to address the unique challenges of parental mental wellbeing. With real-time AI profiling.
Pareful App is your go-to solution for finding balance in the chaos of parenting. All beta testers will get access to our premium subscription for free.

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Less Stress, More Balance

We exist to create thriving family ecosystems by supporting & improving the mental wellbeing of all parents & their children.

Parenting isn’t easy; lack of time, exhaustion, identity loss, relationships affected. We tackle these challenges & more, helping you feel energised, relaxed, happy & healthy. No judgement.


Understand the mindset of becoming a parent, the pressure it can lead to & the science behind how this new challenge can effect your mood.


Through expert-developed therapeutic exercises, visualisations & mediations, Pareful will equip you with the tools to support you through all stages of parenthood.

Anytime, anywhere

We understand that time is precious as a parent! Pareful has been designed with that in mind. Strictly no waffle, jargon or judgement & accessible, anywhere, anytime.